Estate Planning

We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of estate administration in a proactive, efficient and sensitive manner. This includes the application to the court to obtain probate and the preparation and submission of all necessary tax forms.

If the executors prefer to instruct us to deal with the administration in its entirety we will undertake a proactive role throughout the process, including

  • checking the terms of the will;
  • producing a schedule of the assets;
  • corresponding with the beneficiaries, the Probate Court and asset holders;
  • resolving any problems following the closure of accounts;
  • producing statements for the beneficiaries;
  • completing the final tax returns and obtaining inheritance tax clearance;
  • final distribution of the estate and production of estate accounts.

Where the executors prefer to undertake some of the work themselves, we undertake a supportive role and advise on the procedures to be followed or deal with limited aspects such as obtaining the Grant of Probate and then handing the matter back to the executors for the next stage.

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