Divorce & Separation

If you wish to proceed with a divorce after separating from your spouse then you will need to satisfy the Court that he/she has either committed adultery or has behaved unreasonably during the course of the marriage. We will discuss this with you whether you have sufficient grounds on that basis and then draft the petition for you. Many people without a solicitor fall into difficulties with this as they are understandably unclear as to exactly what information the Court will require or how it should be set out.

The alternative is to wait until you have been living apart for a period of two years and then commence divorce proceedings on the basis of that period of separation. Your spouse’s consent is, however, crucial to enable the divorce to go through at that time; if that consent is not forthcoming then you would have to be separated for a period of five years before the divorce can proceed on the basis of separation alone.

If there are issues regarding finances or children that need to be resolved as part of a divorce or separation, we will advise you accordingly. We are committed to negotiating a settlement for you if at all possible and will work closely with local mediation services to try to resolve matters. In some situations, however, an application to the Court becomes necessary, which we will handle on your behalf in a constructive manner.

Cohabitation and Separation

Not all separations concern married couples. At GCA Solicitors, we also have considerable experience in dealing with the separation of unmarried couples in terms of finances and children. We frequently encounter the belief amongst clients that the concept of common-law spouse exists. It does not, which is why co-habitees who are considering separating should obtain legal advice sooner rather than later. Changes to the law have been proposed in respect of this and we will advise you if and when they occur.

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GCA Solicitors has the expertise, knowledge and depth of experience to help you achieve the outcome you seek. Whether it is for family matters such as divorce or separation, domestic violence, children, wills trusts, commercial law and conveyancing we have the expertise to get a satisfactory resolution.


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